Children are drawn to certain team activities as they’re growing up. Sometimes they’re dying to join because their friends from school participate. Other times, they’re just naturally talented and the process is organic. It doesn’t really matter what gets people involved in after school activities, as long as they’re beneficial for the child or teen’s development. Many times, playing a sport or being on the dance team can help a young person carry valuable life skills into their adult years. Dance classes and competitive teams fit into this category just as much as joining a soccer team or playing tennis.

Anyone who has spent a night out with friends at a club knows how sweaty and out of breath a good night of dancing can make them. Learning to dance exact steps in classes is even better exercise. That is because it not only tests physical dexterity but also a person’s mental capabilities. Even the most naturally talented dancer will need to work hard to hit steps eventually. This is the aspect of team sports and afterschool activities that builds character, the ability to stick with something even when it’s hard.

Aside from forming mental and physical stamina, dance classes can help children and teens socialize outside of their homes. Socializing connects directly to how children are disciplined, how they respond to discipline, and how they develop independent behavior are all directly linked to a child’s socialization experience. How a child is socialized directly relates to how an adult relates to life. For this reason, joining a social class like dance where a group of people have fun learning how to work together could have positive repercussions for a child’s entire life.

Dance class builds character as much as football games do, just with less skeletal damage. The ability to take part physical exercise, develop cognitive skills, and socialize with people in similar age brackets make dance class a great option for kids, teenagers, and even adults.