The National League of Junior Cotillions is a team of directors that aim to teach children the proper character and courtesy. It is their mission to teach the young cotillions to act in love, treat others with honor, respect and dignity which in turn produces better relationships within their family and friendships. As a part of the National League of Junior Cotillions, they will also learn and practice ballroom dance. We believe that manners will always matter and as we train in mannerly conduct, confidence, social dance, and overall character, children will grow and develop the skills of a lifetime. Our team at the National League of Junior Cotillions is one of true passion and they will truly care for your child and help them become of one the most successful in their graduating class.

The National League of Junior Cotillion started in 1979 by Anne Colvin Winters in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Anne Winters obtained a background in performing arts and she wanted nothing more than to teach etiquette to the children in her hometown. It was important to her that the children learned confidence, courtesy, and multiple other social skills needed for success. In 1981, Anne met Charles Anthony Winters and the two were married. Together, they established a thriving cotillion program. As their program continued to grow, she desired to combine social dancing, etiquette and life skills into one curriculum where children could come and feel comfortable and safe, while also being successful. This curriculum became the National League of Junior Cotillion that we know today. Over the next few years, Anne and Charles traveled the country in order to train directors to become a part of their program.

Anne’s legacy lives on today through her son, Charles Winters II, who heads the organization. The team is now made up of over 100 passionate directors worldwide and 300 cotillion chapters in over 30 states. The National League of Junior Cotillions will forever be built on the foundation left by Anne Winter, one of courtesy, faith, and respect.

Our Programs
The National League of Junior Cotillions has programs for children of all ages. The Pre-Cotillion Program is intended for children in first through fourth grade. The Junior Cotillion program is designed for fifth through eighth graders. The High School Cotillion Program combines ninth through twelfth grade and teaches tasks such as paying bills, registering to vote, submitting tax forms and more. After high school, our programs include the National League of Junior Cotillions Debutante and Corporate Cotillion.

The National League of Junior Cotillions is dedicated to helping children grow into a successful adult that obtains multiple life skills. To enroll your child, visit our website for more information. We love working with these bright, young adults and we look forward to meeting your child.