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Find the hidden problems in your roof with Ballard

Prevent costly problems and fix that leak before water damage settles in and creates a disaster for your home and family. Let Ballard Roofing inspect your problem and give the best solution to fixing the problem you have. Most of these areas are hidden. Your roof needs periodic maintenance inspections to help to prevent costly problems that will happen in the future. At Ballard Roofing Inc, they offer all the solutions when it comes to commercial roofing with a wide range of professional services since 1970.


Ballard Roofing is North Carolina licensed and insured with liability and workman`s compensation. Ballard Roofing has approved manufacturer`s applicators for Firestone, Versico, GAF, GEN-Flex and Tamko. Upon request, they offer a manufacturer`s warranty up to 30 years. Ballard Roofing also can work in conjunction with your general contractor to install a new roof system, along with flashing and edge termination during any building process. Their goal is to provide you with the best and most economical option of roof systems for your roofing needs. Ballard Roofing is located in Maiden, NC with Commercial roofing in Catawba County, NC. Call them today at (828) 428-8621 Check out what people are saying on the official Ballard Roofing Facebook Page!


Ballard Roofing

ballard_roofingDo you have a roof that’s leaking in Catawba County? Call Ballard Roofing to get the best repair or even a new roof. They’ve been in business since 1970 and are the best around and have the best prices as well. They offer inspections too so that they can prevent you from ever getting that leak in the first place.

Ballard Roofing doesn’t just do roofing though. They also specialize in sheet metal work like gutters and downspouts. They can even install new things like air conditioning curbs into your already existing roof for you. Ballard Roofing is truly the best roofing company around.