The Best Japanese food in Gastonia offers everything from sushi, to low carb plates, to soba noodles.

13255971_804163056395087_8046113991631904654_nOn Fridays it is BOGO ½ off Sushi day at Lucky Samurai!!  Now offering quick delivery with Speedy Grubs Delivery service, you can have Sushi delivered to your door in no time!! Lucky Samurai`s Sushi Menu has over 26 different options of sushi to chose from. Cant settle for just one type of sushi? Try #101 the Sushi Combo of one California Roll, one Spicy Crab Roll, and one Smoked Eel Roll. All Lucky Samurai Sushi rolls are Uramakizushi Style with rice on the outside.


13221455_804276989717027_5532629450543810785_nCall Lucky Samurai today at 704-852-3949. Lucky Samurai of Gastonia is opened Monday through Sunday from 11:00am-9:30pm. Visit the Lucky Samurai Gastonia Japanese Cuisine Facebook Page and see what people are saying.