STAT Services, Masterful Cleaning For Your Business

Who they are…

Founded in 1985, Stat Services has a history of exceptional services and masterful cleaning jobs. It’s founder, David K. Masters, started the business alongside his job as a police officer. Eventually the company caught the attention of many people, and David was able to devote his full attention to STAT Services. David is now the owner and operator of the company, and has made professional connections and relationships with businesses that continue to use STAT services to this day. David is committed to allowing his customers to have the best experience possible. He has always made it his priority to interacting directly with the customer if any problem arises. With STAT Services, there is no need to worry about a job not living up to your expectations, because David and his workers are there to handle any cleaning job.

Customized jobs for you

Office personnel should not be expected to clean their work space, because that’s what STAT Services does best. STAT offers basic cleaning, floor care, and also fabric cleaning. If there is a custom service that needs to be attended to, STAT will customize your experience so that you will be left completely satisfied. Any building maintenance will also be handled with a tailored design that will meet your expectations and schedule. Each building is studied and researched for your cleaning and maintenance needs. Traffic patterns, cleaning standards, tenant preferences, and more are taken into account when deciding on the plan of action for the building.

STAT offers services such as:
  • Building Management
  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Minor Repairs
  • Maintenance

The customer will always be matched with the right STAT Services workers for the job. Because of the training programs required at STAT Services, customers will always be paired with the appropriate workers based on their training level. Each worker is trained to represent STAT Services commitment to excellence. In addition to this, STAT offers 24 hour support staff, ready to assess any issue that you may have. Whatever the job, STAT Services is there to make your business look and run the best it can.