MTV Classic – looking forward to it!

At age 13 in the summer of 1981, TV was pretty boring.

I spent a lot of time in my small bedroom in South Gastonia watching oldcableGilligans Island and The Flintstones,   Our cable provider was Jones Intercable and I had a tiny TV with a plastic cable box to change the channels… very old school.

I can’t remember exactly how I got channel 43, but when MTV launched, it really changed things!  Finally I was able to SEE rock n roll in a way magazines and album covers just couldn’t capture, and I loved it.    I couldn’t wait to get home each day and turn in MTV.  I really wanted my MTV!

meat14Like the rest of America, I was turned on to a lot of new music with MTV.  There’s definitely a lot of old 80’s new-wave type songs that I actually love, that I would have never heard of, if not for MTV.  If it wasn’t Kiss or VH or any hard rock, I would have totally ignored it!

As of Aug. 1 2016, VH1 Classic is going away, and the new channel MTV Classic will begin.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of the old videos, show’s and VJ’s from the 80’s.

I really miss That Metal Show, which was the flagship show of VH1C, but the show was cancelled last year when the decision was made to cancel VH1C.  Eddie and the producers of TMS are looking for a new home for the show.  Fingers crossed!

Scott MoonMTVN00