I’m super stoked to announce the launch of the new official Jack Russell’s Great White website.  Jack Russell is one of the hardest working guys in the world of rock-n-roll with decades of hits such as Once Bitten Twice Shy, Save your love, Rock me, Face the day and many others.

Jack Russell’s Great White has a new song out called ”He saw it comin” that is as good as anything the band has ever released.  Every song on this album is fantastic.   Watch the video for ‘Sign of the times’ on the home page of the website… you’ll love it!

Jack’s voice is as smooth as ever.  I had the privilege of seeing them live earlier this year, both in an acoustic club setting, and on a large stage with the full band.   They were phenomenal.

The band is currently playing every weekend, all over the country, so be sure to visit http://jackrussellsgreatwhite.net/ for the latest tour dates.