Who they are…

Located on New Hope Road in Gastonia, the law office of Gray Layton Kersh offers an experience like no other. Offering attorneys with unmatched experience, Gray Layton Kersh makes sure that there is diversity in the areas of law their attorneys excel at. They are passionate about helping out a client no matter what their situation. Dedicated in moving quickly, Gray Layton Kersh makes sure that a client’s job is handled in a timely manner with the standard of excellence they strive for. The office has made it their mission to focus on personal attention so that the client feels that they are being treated with the utmost respect.

Gray Layton Kersh is a team

Gray Layton Kersh employs a team concept, which takes from the expertise of each and every attorney so that efficiency and quality are at their highest. They make it their promise to not only fix problems that have happened, but prevent them before they occur. This concept is preventative law, which is a way Gray Layton Kersh anticipates problems. They do not want you waste your time and money, which is why they are there to help.

Attorneys are constantly learning

Once attorneys are hired, their education does not stop there. Gray Layton Kersh believes that education is an ongoing process. Seminars and associations with institutions provide updated information and new insights into different situations. It does not matter whether your problems are corporate or personal, the law firm is devoted to handling your situation in the best way possible with their knowledgeable staff and hard-working attorneys.

Their areas of law are endless

The areas of practice that Gray Layton Kersh deals with are an extensive list that makes this office the perfect place to look in any legal situation. Labor & Employment, Estate & Will disputes, Data Privacy, Traffic Law, Personal Injury, and Property Insurance Coverage disputes are just a few of the areas of expertise Gray Layton Kersh works with. There has never been a better time to contact Gray Layton Kersh. They are loyal in serving Gaston County, and they are there to help you!