Dixie Glass Company Provides Professional Glass Jobs

Located in Gastonia, North Carolina, Dixie Glass Company provides professional glass jobs for a variety of household and commercial needs. They offer a variety of quality services including residential jobs, commercial jobs, store fronts, and 24-hour emergency services. Dixie Glass’ goal is to make you happy with the final product as well as the professional service.

Dixie Glass Company offers a close collaboration with your business to get your glass work done. No matter how big the job is, Dixie Glass can help. In addition to this, Dixie Glass can work through contractors to deliver specialized services that fulfill your creative vision for your building. It is their goal to provide any service they can for the commercial market and do it the best way possible. Dixie Glass prides itself on having a spectrum of services under their belt that will fulfill any type of glass needs. Take a look now at their gallery to see the types of jobs they can provide.

What comes with the services of Dixie Glass Company is the variety of products that they offer to be able to customize your job in a variety of ways. Some of these products include:

  • Acrylic Glass Blocks
  • Mirrors
  • Electric Privacy Glass
  • Stained Glass Repair
  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • Bullet Resistant Glass
  • & Many more custom glass products

Dixie Glass Company works with a variety of vendors to get you the best glass possible. From hard work and experience, Dixie Glass knows what type of glass you need. They are standing by to give their expert advice on your service. As a great addition to their contracting, 24-hour emergency services guarantee swift repair when something goes wrong with your glass. If your glass shatters, cracks, or is damaged in some way, Dixie Glass Company has your back. Swift service and professional attitude is what makes Dixie Glass Company stand apart, and when you’re in need of glass, they have exactly what you need!