Dance Specialties is the premier dance instruction studio in Gaston County! For more than 40 years Dance Specialties has served the community by providing dance education. Superior training is the key to our success! We welcome dancers of all ages and abilities for both recreational and competitive goals. Our programs are designed to create long-lasting memories for both children and their families!

Dance Specialties offers various types of dance instruction that range from old-fashioned to contemporary. Dances include tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and tumbling. Each dance offers recreational and competitive levels so it is up to you to choose what you’re interested in! Each child is recognized and given personal attention for their individual talents, no matter the level of skill.

The studio is located in Belmont, North Carolina, a convenient location for locations all around Gaston County and Charlotte! With easy access from all major interstates, it is a no-brainer when choosing a studio based on location. Our dedication to the community is apparent in our history, and we proudly serve any family willing to get out and get dancing with us!

Starting at the age of 3, Dance Specialties welcomes newcomers any time! We have excellent preschool programs and will work with your child closely to teach the fundamentals of dance! Expert staff is assigned to our intimate class sizes so that your child will be able to have close instruction and develop a dancing family that will last! Each class offers an annual recital that will take place in the month of June, so find out more about this event and more if you want to see what are students are capable of!

Dance Specialties prides itself in their competitive offerings for the more serious dancers. All types of dance have a competitive program that allows our dancers to show off what they’ve learned! Teams compete in four regional dance competitions and one national competition each year, so there is an opportunity to train and perfect routines between each competition! Dance Specialties is proud of the success that their dancers have exhibited in the past, and they are confident in new dancers as they are trained by the expert staff!

Community activities are also taken advantage of by Dance Specialties. Local festivals and holiday events are a staple for Dance Specialties dancers! Our dancers often go onto higher levels on a collegiate and professional level, and we hope that you are willing to dedicate to becoming the best through our programs!