Care Fare: A Dealer that Cares

Who they are…

Car Fare Inc., located on 1320 Bessemer City Road, is a family run car dealership with unmatched service and quality. Specializing in used cars, Car Fare is the perfect place to find the vehicle for you and your family. Dedicated to honesty and fair prices, Care Fare proves that they are and deserve to be the most trusted vehicle re-sale company in the Gaston County area. All of the vehicles on sale are put through a reliable inspection process that makes your purchase guaranteed to satisfy.

From Personal Experience…

Recently purchasing a Toyota from Car Fare, I can say firsthand that I could not be more pleased. Searching for a used car with good gas mileage, I spent hours fruitlessly browsing online for local deals. With my old car edging closer to 200,000 miles, new problems were arising every day that I could no longer ignore. I started searching for used car dealerships, and that’s when I found Care Fare. I visited and I could not have been happier with the excellent service and advice the employees gave me. They understood my situation and the amount of driving I needed to do, and they recommended the Toyota that is now in my garage. Their selection of cars is always growing, and the variety is unmatched. I looked at every car until deciding on the one that they had recommended. It was clear to me that Car Fare cared about my situation. They did not try to sell me the most expensive car or one they were trying to get rid of, rather they listened to what I needed and found the one that fit my lifestyle. Their recommendation fit my budget and my driving needs, mechanically and aesthetically.

Unmatched Services

Car Fare provides an experience that allows the customer to feel at ease when purchasing a vehicle. They offer a specialized financing service that will fit the needs of any buyer. It does not matter whether you have good credit or bad credit (or even NO credit), Car Fare is there to make sure you get what you need. They have a wide selection of cars that you can view in person or on their website, each with low down payments anyone can afford. Each and every selection has been fully serviced with a new inspection, and is ready to drive as soon as you pull up. There is no reason to keep looking and settling, because Car Fare is there to help you.