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Rankin USA: Components for Everyone

What they specialize in:

Rankin USA delivers a variety of equipment for any customer’s needs. In the North American market, Rankin is a versatile supplier of components and systems for various machinery. They are committed to provide a wide variety of products at the cheapest price. In addition, Rankin promises fast delivery to make your experience the best it can be. With these three facets, it is no wonder Rankin should be the first machinery provider you go to.

Their Promise:

With the wide variety of providers Rankin is partnered with, their goal is for you to only look at one company to get your components from. They make sure they provide this so that they can keep your bill the lowest it can be and from the fewest amount of vendors possible. They are continually updating their selection, so that their position will stay where it is in the market.

International Deals

Apart from providing service nationally, Rankin’s services stretch internationally with their European Sourcing. With the growing industry of European equipment in the United States, many companies turn to Europe to find the best machinery for the job. However, it can be hard to find replacement parts for service or upgrade. When the parts originate from Europe, Rankin can provide service from the European market on two levels. On Level 1, Rankin has exclusive arrangements with several European manufacturers. This means that Rankin can ensure prompt delivery and a wide variety of equipment. On Level 2, Rankin has provisions with European suppliers that source them with almost every brand of product made in Europe. With these two levels, Rankin has proven that they are one of the leading providers of European equipment in the US.

Rankin will provide services on products such as:

  • Encoders
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Sensors
  • Motors
  • Gear Reducers
  • Pneumatics
  • Hoses
  • Tools and Chains
  • & more

This list could go on forever, as Rankin has over 150 sources they can order products from, each one providing various options for your machines. These companies range from well-known dealers to lesser, ensuring that each and every situation can have a solution that Rankin can provide.

Piedmont Energy Systems: Quality Service for Bulk Storage and More

What they do:

Piedmont Energy Systems has been providing top notch service for nearly 45 years now. Ever since 1973, they have been providing customers with products that fit their specifications. Because of their vast catalog of equipment and parts, any contract the client needs, PES can provide. They offer support for a variety of systems, including bulk storage and process skid systems for a wide selection of chemicals. PES is committed to providing the service you need, no matter the intricacy of the job. PES will provide whether you have one piece of equipment or an entire system requiring custom design. Their engineers are willing and able to fit the needs of your job.

Who they are:

With leadership from Julian Timmons, the founder and chairman of Piedmont Energy Systems, it is no wonder they deliver such quality service. Julian graduated from Georgia Tech University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is licensed as a mechanical contractor within several states. He has over 40 years of experience in the industry.  Alongside Julian, the Professional Engineer and President of PES is Patrick Stewart. Patrick also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University, and is a registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and South Carolina. Along with over 15 years of experience in installation, distribution, and receiving chemical systems, Patrick is regarded as one of the leading experts in Fluorocarbon delivery systems. Taking the role as Vice President of Operations, Alex Mercado brings over 30 years of pipe fabrication and mechanical contracting experience and is an ASME/AWS code certified welder.  Alex has been a valuable asset in international transactions, a service that PES is proud to provide to give the best product possible.

Providing products such as:

  • Hydrocarbon Bulk Storage Systems
  • Fluorocarbon Bulk Storage Systems
  • Industrial Fluid Bulk Storage & Distribution Systems
  • Modular Skid Systems
  • ASME code used tanks
  • & More!

PES works with any type of business, large or small. Each customer is given the same treatment of high quality parts, punctual delivery, and continual service. Their standards are top notch because of the requirements put forth by the different quality control and verification systems by the engineering principles in the United States.

Machine Components in Three Parts – Rankin Industries

There are three basic types of machine components in the manufacturing world. The elemental parts of a machine fall into the categories of structural components, mechanisms, and control components. The invention of each machine began with innovating a process. Sometimes the manufacturer wanted to speed up a process, sometimes they were looking to replicate a process exactly without fail, other times they were looking to accomplish both simultaneously. Understanding the basic components of these machines gives us insight into how they work. Knowing how they work will help us operate them more efficiently. These three basic types of mechanical elements are the building blocks of modern machinery.

Structural Components
Frame members, bearings, axles, splines, fasteners, seals, and lubricants are all considered structural components. Identifying these components individually helps to make a complex structure more accessible. These parts can either be linear, surfaces, or volumes. Linear components include rods, beams, struts, ties, tie rods, etc. Surface parts include membranes, sheer panels, and shells.  For volumes manufacturers use axial, shear, and bending loads for all three dimensions.

These types of machine parts control any movement that may occur during operation. This includes gear trains, linkages, cam and follower systems, brakes and clutches. Down to the basic equation, the combination of movement and force equals power. A mechanism helps to fine tune a process to achieve the desired movement and forces. Mechanisms usually consist of multiple moving elements.

Control Components
Just like it sounds, control components help us to control the machine that we’re operating. Manage, command, direct, or regulate the behavior of systems or devices. Large industrial boiler systems and home thermostats both fall into the category of control components. A common feedback control system controls the process (plant) so that the output follows a control signal that is either a changing or fixed value. Control systems can come either with open and closed loop controls.

Every machine is made up of a combination of this trio of components, understanding them will make modern machinery less of a mystery to us.

Why Recreational Dance Builds Character

Children are drawn to certain team activities as they’re growing up. Sometimes they’re dying to join because their friends from school participate. Other times, they’re just naturally talented and the process is organic. It doesn’t really matter what gets people involved in after school activities, as long as they’re beneficial for the child or teen’s development. Many times, playing a sport or being on the dance team can help a young person carry valuable life skills into their adult years. Dance classes and competitive teams fit into this category just as much as joining a soccer team or playing tennis.

Anyone who has spent a night out with friends at a club knows how sweaty and out of breath a good night of dancing can make them. Learning to dance exact steps in classes is even better exercise. That is because it not only tests physical dexterity but also a person’s mental capabilities. Even the most naturally talented dancer will need to work hard to hit steps eventually. This is the aspect of team sports and afterschool activities that builds character, the ability to stick with something even when it’s hard.

Aside from forming mental and physical stamina, dance classes can help children and teens socialize outside of their homes. Socializing connects directly to how children are disciplined, how they respond to discipline, and how they develop independent behavior are all directly linked to a child’s socialization experience. How a child is socialized directly relates to how an adult relates to life. For this reason, joining a social class like dance where a group of people have fun learning how to work together could have positive repercussions for a child’s entire life.

Dance class builds character as much as football games do, just with less skeletal damage. The ability to take part physical exercise, develop cognitive skills, and socialize with people in similar age brackets make dance class a great option for kids, teenagers, and even adults.

MTV Classic – looking forward to it!

At age 13 in the summer of 1981, TV was pretty boring.

I spent a lot of time in my small bedroom in South Gastonia watching oldcableGilligans Island and The Flintstones,   Our cable provider was Jones Intercable and I had a tiny TV with a plastic cable box to change the channels… very old school.

I can’t remember exactly how I got channel 43, but when MTV launched, it really changed things!  Finally I was able to SEE rock n roll in a way magazines and album covers just couldn’t capture, and I loved it.    I couldn’t wait to get home each day and turn in MTV.  I really wanted my MTV!

meat14Like the rest of America, I was turned on to a lot of new music with MTV.  There’s definitely a lot of old 80’s new-wave type songs that I actually love, that I would have never heard of, if not for MTV.  If it wasn’t Kiss or VH or any hard rock, I would have totally ignored it!

As of Aug. 1 2016, VH1 Classic is going away, and the new channel MTV Classic will begin.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of the old videos, show’s and VJ’s from the 80’s.

I really miss That Metal Show, which was the flagship show of VH1C, but the show was cancelled last year when the decision was made to cancel VH1C.  Eddie and the producers of TMS are looking for a new home for the show.  Fingers crossed!

Scott MoonMTVN00

Painting Contractor for All Needs Big of Small

Need a painting contractor? Ashley Jenkins is a professional residential, commercial and industrial painting contractor serving the Gaston county, Mecklenburg county and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Ashley Jenkins is a certified Wolman`s deck products applicator that carries General Liability Insurance and Workman`s Comprehensive Insurance to ensure safety and peace of mind. You have nothing to worry about and can rest easy knowing that Ashley Jenkins has you covered.res_022

Ashley Jenkins provides Painting Interior and exterior or homes, offices and churches, Pressure Washing, Water blasting for sidewalks and driveways, Floor Epoxy, Acid Stain for Floors, Mildew removal, Decks, pressure washed, sealers, toners, preservatives and stains, concrete stain no matter how big or how small the job is.

Standing Seam

Contact Ashley Jenkins today at 704-842-7166 or by e-mail at [email protected]


Find the hidden problems in your roof with Ballard

Prevent costly problems and fix that leak before water damage settles in and creates a disaster for your home and family. Let Ballard Roofing inspect your problem and give the best solution to fixing the problem you have. Most of these areas are hidden. Your roof needs periodic maintenance inspections to help to prevent costly problems that will happen in the future. At Ballard Roofing Inc, they offer all the solutions when it comes to commercial roofing with a wide range of professional services since 1970.


Ballard Roofing is North Carolina licensed and insured with liability and workman`s compensation. Ballard Roofing has approved manufacturer`s applicators for Firestone, Versico, GAF, GEN-Flex and Tamko. Upon request, they offer a manufacturer`s warranty up to 30 years. Ballard Roofing also can work in conjunction with your general contractor to install a new roof system, along with flashing and edge termination during any building process. Their goal is to provide you with the best and most economical option of roof systems for your roofing needs. Ballard Roofing is located in Maiden, NC with Commercial roofing in Catawba County, NC. Call them today at (828) 428-8621 Check out what people are saying on the official Ballard Roofing Facebook Page!


Sushi Delivered to your door

The Best Japanese food in Gastonia offers everything from sushi, to low carb plates, to soba noodles.

13255971_804163056395087_8046113991631904654_nOn Fridays it is BOGO ½ off Sushi day at Lucky Samurai!!  Now offering quick delivery with Speedy Grubs Delivery service, you can have Sushi delivered to your door in no time!! Lucky Samurai`s Sushi Menu has over 26 different options of sushi to chose from. Cant settle for just one type of sushi? Try #101 the Sushi Combo of one California Roll, one Spicy Crab Roll, and one Smoked Eel Roll. All Lucky Samurai Sushi rolls are Uramakizushi Style with rice on the outside.


13221455_804276989717027_5532629450543810785_nCall Lucky Samurai today at 704-852-3949. Lucky Samurai of Gastonia is opened Monday through Sunday from 11:00am-9:30pm. Visit the Lucky Samurai Gastonia Japanese Cuisine Facebook Page and see what people are saying.

Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Bill Connor, DDS

From childhood to adolescence a pediatric dentist plays the part of making sure that the child’s teeth grow in nicely and that their mouth stays healthy. Whether a family has moved to a new town or they are up the first child, it isn’t always an easy to find a the right pediatric dentist. A successful pediatric dentist will be intelligent, well educated and sound in their knowledge of dentistry. They will also have a talent with children that lets them convince any kid to sit still in the dentist’s chair long enough for a procedure. This perfect combination can be found in one man practicing dentistry in Gastonia, North Carolina. At Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Bill Connor, DDS is putting a smile on the face of every child that he can.

Bill Connor is a whiz at any pediatric dentistry procedure ranging from habit training to first time infant check ups. He attended UNC Chapel Hill, USC and Iowa University to receive his Masters and eventually his Doctorate in dentistry. Dr. Connor’s goal is to help every child flash a smile that they can be proud of, and he sure can brag about accomplishing it. Bill Connor, DDS can be thanked for working with children on absolutely any ailment that may apply to their oral health. From dealing with thumb suckers to dental cleanings to extractions; Dr. Connor can make any kid feel at ease while they get dental work done.

Most notably, Dr. Connor has valuable experience working with special needs children. He is comfortable working with patients that are both mentally and physically disabled. No matter the procedure, a patient’s disabilities will not get in the way of Doctor Connor giving them the gift of a gorgeous smile. Bill Connor doesn’t see any difference between disabled patients and non-disabled patients, he just sees a child that is in need of his detailed care. As a child moves on to their adolescence and may need braces Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Gastonia is outfitted with an excellent orthodontics program. They will gladly give children a free orthodontic evaluation to assess whether or not a child may need braces. The quality care from Dr. Bill Connor will always ensure that his patients leave with a bright, shining smile on their faces.

What is a spectrophotometer?

A spectrophotometer is a tool that is used to measure the amount of light a chemical substance absorbs. It can do this by using a detector to measure the intensity of the light as it passes through any substance. Every compound in the universe is either absorbing, reflecting or transmitting light, this consistent process is called electromagnetic radiation. Spectrophotometry is the study of exactly how many protons any specific known chemical compound absorbs or transmits. This comes in handy in quantitative analysis within countless subjects within the fields of engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, material and chemical engineering.vaughntronics_spectrophotometer

No matter what brand it is, a spectrophotometer is made up of two different devices: a spectrometer and a photometer. The spectrometer emits a wavelength of light specifically calibrated by the technician, this light is then run through the chemical compound. At this point the photometer measures the amount of photons that are transmitted or absorbed by the light waves and sends the number to the display. Each mechanism consists of a light source, a collimator or lens, a monochromator or prism, a wavelength selector or slit, a sample solution or compound, a detector and then finally a digital display or meter. These pieces are delicately laid together to form a machine that performs the most precise scientific measurements possible on wavelengths of light.

Since this machine is so intricately manufactured it takes a well trained specialist to service and repair it, that is where the diligent technicians at Vaughntronics come in. The founder of Vaughntronics, John Vaughn, was a senior field engineer working in the field when he noticed the detailed work necessary to keep a spectrophotometer running efficiently. He also noticed the high cost of vendor service and how it gouged small businesses, that is when Vaughntronics was born.  The technicians at this North Carolina company are well versed in Minolta, Datacolor, Hunter Lab and GretagMacbeth made spectrophotometers and are available for full service and in-house contracts as well as custom and non-contracted work.