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Sushi Delivered to your door

The Best Japanese food in Gastonia offers everything from sushi, to low carb plates, to soba noodles.

13255971_804163056395087_8046113991631904654_nOn Fridays it is BOGO ½ off Sushi day at Lucky Samurai!!  Now offering quick delivery with Speedy Grubs Delivery service, you can have Sushi delivered to your door in no time!! Lucky Samurai`s Sushi Menu has over 26 different options of sushi to chose from. Cant settle for just one type of sushi? Try #101 the Sushi Combo of one California Roll, one Spicy Crab Roll, and one Smoked Eel Roll. All Lucky Samurai Sushi rolls are Uramakizushi Style with rice on the outside.


13221455_804276989717027_5532629450543810785_nCall Lucky Samurai today at 704-852-3949. Lucky Samurai of Gastonia is opened Monday through Sunday from 11:00am-9:30pm. Visit the Lucky Samurai Gastonia Japanese Cuisine Facebook Page and see what people are saying.

Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Bill Connor, DDS

From childhood to adolescence a pediatric dentist plays the part of making sure that the child’s teeth grow in nicely and that their mouth stays healthy. Whether a family has moved to a new town or they are up the first child, it isn’t always an easy to find a the right pediatric dentist. A successful pediatric dentist will be intelligent, well educated and sound in their knowledge of dentistry. They will also have a talent with children that lets them convince any kid to sit still in the dentist’s chair long enough for a procedure. This perfect combination can be found in one man practicing dentistry in Gastonia, North Carolina. At Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Bill Connor, DDS is putting a smile on the face of every child that he can.

Bill Connor is a whiz at any pediatric dentistry procedure ranging from habit training to first time infant check ups. He attended UNC Chapel Hill, USC and Iowa University to receive his Masters and eventually his Doctorate in dentistry. Dr. Connor’s goal is to help every child flash a smile that they can be proud of, and he sure can brag about accomplishing it. Bill Connor, DDS can be thanked for working with children on absolutely any ailment that may apply to their oral health. From dealing with thumb suckers to dental cleanings to extractions; Dr. Connor can make any kid feel at ease while they get dental work done.

Most notably, Dr. Connor has valuable experience working with special needs children. He is comfortable working with patients that are both mentally and physically disabled. No matter the procedure, a patient’s disabilities will not get in the way of Doctor Connor giving them the gift of a gorgeous smile. Bill Connor doesn’t see any difference between disabled patients and non-disabled patients, he just sees a child that is in need of his detailed care. As a child moves on to their adolescence and may need braces Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Gastonia is outfitted with an excellent orthodontics program. They will gladly give children a free orthodontic evaluation to assess whether or not a child may need braces. The quality care from Dr. Bill Connor will always ensure that his patients leave with a bright, shining smile on their faces.

What is a spectrophotometer?

A spectrophotometer is a tool that is used to measure the amount of light a chemical substance absorbs. It can do this by using a detector to measure the intensity of the light as it passes through any substance. Every compound in the universe is either absorbing, reflecting or transmitting light, this consistent process is called electromagnetic radiation. Spectrophotometry is the study of exactly how many protons any specific known chemical compound absorbs or transmits. This comes in handy in quantitative analysis within countless subjects within the fields of engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, material and chemical engineering.vaughntronics_spectrophotometer

No matter what brand it is, a spectrophotometer is made up of two different devices: a spectrometer and a photometer. The spectrometer emits a wavelength of light specifically calibrated by the technician, this light is then run through the chemical compound. At this point the photometer measures the amount of photons that are transmitted or absorbed by the light waves and sends the number to the display. Each mechanism consists of a light source, a collimator or lens, a monochromator or prism, a wavelength selector or slit, a sample solution or compound, a detector and then finally a digital display or meter. These pieces are delicately laid together to form a machine that performs the most precise scientific measurements possible on wavelengths of light.

Since this machine is so intricately manufactured it takes a well trained specialist to service and repair it, that is where the diligent technicians at Vaughntronics come in. The founder of Vaughntronics, John Vaughn, was a senior field engineer working in the field when he noticed the detailed work necessary to keep a spectrophotometer running efficiently. He also noticed the high cost of vendor service and how it gouged small businesses, that is when Vaughntronics was born.  The technicians at this North Carolina company are well versed in Minolta, Datacolor, Hunter Lab and GretagMacbeth made spectrophotometers and are available for full service and in-house contracts as well as custom and non-contracted work.