Monthly Archives: February 2016

New Hearing Specialist in Gaston County

Gaston Eye Associates of North Carolina welcome audiologist Dr. Hope Lanter to their state of the art hearing center. She is now available to provide hearing tests and hearing aides in Gastongastonaudiologistia, NC. The optical professionals at Gaston Eye Associates have noticed that problems with vision are often coupled with hearing issues in all ages. Anyone who asks people to repeat themselves often or has a difficult time keeping up with a conversation in a noisy place would benefit from a professional hearing test. For this reason, the hearing center that now harbors talented Dr. Hope Lanter to undertake regular hearing evaluations right along with regular vision evaluations to ensure that no one unnecessarily suffers from hearing loss.

A study done by the National Council on Aging reported that over 28 million Americans suffer from hearing loss as a prevalent chronic condition. Both hearing loss and hearing problems can affect people of any age but are more prominent in older patients. If these hearing problems go untreated they can lead to serious emotional and social consequences. Gaston Eye & Hearing Center was built with a mission to provide the most comprehensive care possible to their patients. The addition of the talented audiologist Dr. Hope Lanter is just one more stone on their mission to provide extensive treatment for the eyes and ears of the community.