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Best Car Wash in Gastonia!

The winter is the perfect time to come to Sapphire Bay Car Wash, you can have it cleaned without having to deal with doing it yourself or even leaving your car!

Start the new year off right with a clean car!



In and Out in about 3 minutes, Sapphire Bay offers soft touch cloth, 12 blowers, armor all body shield arch, and tire shine applicator, causing exterior of your vehicle will some out shiny and clean every time! Every car wash comes with a free vacuum. Sapphire Bay also provides fundraising for schools and non-profit organizations.

All this rain causing your car to stay dirty? No problem, Sapphire Bay car wash in Gastonia is offering unlimited car washes set to auto renew each month! Get your Paradise Pass Unlimited Wash Plans today and save $5.00 off!



Sapphire Bay Car Wash has two locations:

3711 E. Franklin Blvd, Gastonia NC.

1001 Dallas Cherryville Hwy, Dallas NC


Visit Sapphire Bay Car Wash`s Facebook page to see New Year Resolutions for your car!

First Mate Outdoor Stuff on Ebay

First Mate Outdoor Stuff has always had a great FirstMate Website offering information and products easily accessible to satisfied customers.



Taking things to the next level, FirstMate Outdoor Stuff is now also offering Firstmate products on the new First Mate Ebay Store.

First Mate has many items to choose from for your fishing needs. All made in the USA, First Mate`s products are reliable. First Mate is offering all 21 products on Ebay with free shipping!

First Mate`s Ebay Store is an easy way to view and buy products online.

All products are under a satisfaction guarantee. First Mate will repair or replace and product that does not perform properly due to material defect or quality or workmanship up to one year.

Check out First Mate`s Facebook Page Today!

“Outdoor Products Help a Mate Out!”

Best Car Wash in Gastonia

With Christmas coming up soon,  Sapphire Bay Car Wash is offering perfect Gift Cards for you to buy for a loved one, friend or coworker.12025645_10207812856109047_1951679857_o

Sapphire Bay Car Wash is not just a car wash, but an experience getaway!

Sapphire Bay offers many different Fast Pass Plans for you to chose from for you to take advantage of their 132′ Express car wash that allows you to be in and out in about 3 minutes. If you are lacking on the time to clean your vehicle or the money to pay someone to do it, Sapphire Bay is the perfect place providing you with the best services at the best low prices you can find.

Sapphire Bay provides Express car wash, Free Vacuum with every wash, Monthly unlimited wash plan, Tire wash and shine, and Fundraising for schools and non-profit organizations.

All you have to do is sit back and relax as the automatic tunnel sails you through the bay cleaning your car! Drive in and sail away today at  3711 East Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC.




Watch the Sapphire Bay Video on Youtube and check them out on the Sapphire Bay Facebook!