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HFO1234yf Bulk Storage

Piedmont Energy Systems provides HFO1234yf Bulk Storage which is used in the Automotive Industry. HFO1234yf is a LOW GLOBAL WARMING POTENTIAL (GWP) refrigerant which is supplied to PES by both Honeywell and DuPont.

Piedmont Energy Systems pieces of equipment is a technologically advanced corporation that has been providing superior service as well as exceptional quality products since 1973. PES offers both manufacturing and installation of complete systems as well as single . They work at the highest industry standards while always providing on-time delivery.

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Piedmont Energy
6225 Campbell Road
York, SC – USA
PH: 704-825-5308


R32 Bulk Storage

which is used in the Refrigerant Repackaging Industry as well as the Air Condition/Commercial HVAC Industry.

Piedmont Energy Systems has been providing high quality service and products since 1973. They offer manufacturing and installation of complete systems as well as single pieces of equipment. PES is a technologically advanced company and has unmatched service. They always have on-time delivery and work to the highest industry standards.

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Used Cars Gastonia

carfareLooking for a quality used car in Gastonia? Car Fare Inc. at 1320 Bessemer City Rd. has a great selection of pre-owned vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a car, SUV, truck, or van Car Fare Inc. has what you’re looking for. They will work with your credit and they are a buy here pay here used car dealership. Care Fare Inc. also offers on the lot financing on their great selection.

Open since 1984, Car Fare Inc. performs a thorough inspection on every hand picked car they put on their lot. They also provide a new N.C. state inspection with every vehicle that they sell. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit their excellent customer service will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your vehicle.

Dr. Bill Connor, DDS – Gastonia, NC

dr-bill-connor-ddsParents in Gastonia NC need to be aware of the many solutions that are available for their childrens’ dental needs. Dr. Bill Connor DDS offers a number of important services that children in Gastonia can use today.

Dr. Connor is a pediatric dentist who has more than twenty-five years of experience in this important field. His services cover all the needs that children have:

  • Traditional dental cleanings are available. Dr. Connor recommends regular cleanings every six months.
  • Restorations and extractions are also available. These include extractions to help promote the development of healthy adult teeth.
  • Space maintenance services are also included. These help with keeping the teeth developing right and to ensure that the spaces between teeth are kept under control.

All services that are available can make a difference. Children can use these services as a means of learning about how their teeth can develop and how they can get the best smiles possible.

Dr. Connor is also heavily involved in the field of orthodontics. He has a number of services that are available for all parents in Gastonia and surrounding areas to feel comfortable about:

  • Digital x-rays may be used to help determine how well a child’s teeth are developing.
  • Full orthodontic appliances may be prepared and regularly maintained as a means of correcting any issues that may be found.
  • This may be paired with habit-controlling procedures. That is, Dr. Connor can provide orthodontic patients with educational services relating to taking care of teeth grinding and other problems that can cause fatigue on one’s teeth.

All parents in the Gastonia NC area should take a look at what Dr. Bill Connor can provide people with when it comes to taking care of various important procedures. Parents who bring their children to Dr. Connor can ensure that their kids will get the best smiles that they can possibly have.