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Vocational and Medical needs at Vargas Vocational Consulting


When you go to Vargas Vocational Consulting, you are greeted with the support and training you need to grow professionally as a respected independent professional. With the best qualified Rehabilitation Counselors, Social Workers and Life Care Planners, Vargas Vocational offers comprehensive services to evaluate vocational and medical needs and losses.

Founded in 2000, Vargas Vocational Consulting provides clients with expert consulting services, expert witness, expert testimony and expert consultation and assessment. Vargas Vocational Consulting  Specializing in Personal Injury, Long Term Disability, Divorce Litigation, Employment Law, Social Security, Veterans Affairs, Worker`s Compensation and Employer Services.



Vargas Consulting is located at 6640 Wilkinson Boulevard, Ste 100 in Belmont, North Carolina. Give Vargas Vocational a call today at 704-825-2914 and see what professional support they can do for you.