Larry Eller Contractors, Doing Things Right the First Time

Larry Eller Contractors, based in Lincolnton, North Carolina, is a full service contractor that provides a variety of services. Offering top-notch jobs such as roofing, vinyl replacement, guttering/gutter protection, and more, Larry Eller Contractors is the only contractor you will ever need on the outside of your house. Offering free estimates, there’s no reason not to call Larry Eller and get their competitive quotes.

Larry Eller Contractors Inc. has been providing service for over 12 years, and they know exactly what the customer is looking for when hiring a contractor. They boast on their focus on cost, quality, and the contractor. They know that price is a major factor when choosing a contractor, and they make sure that they provide the best service for their price. One way they provide is in quality of materials, as they know you will want the best material when protecting/upgrading your home. The contractor is the major asset in Larry Eller’s business. Larry Eller Contractors makes it clear that the family is fully protected by the contractor’s insurance. Additionally, there is a written contract covering all details of the job, certification for on-site work, and testimonials for quality assurance. When you hire Larry Eller, you can be sure that you are getting the best service possible.

To assure top-notch experience, Larry Eller Contractors makes sure all their workers receive background checks. These extensive checks assure that the worker is the best person for the job, and will not cause any inconvenience to you. They do not intentionally hire workers that use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Additionally, radios and other items that may distract workers are not allowed on your property. With these various quality assurance measures, it is almost a no-brainer on who to choose for your contractor job.

Vinyl Siding and Vinyl Window Replacement are two of the services you can get from Larry Eller, and there is a reason that this new vinyl replacement is becoming so prominent. Vinyl protects from severe weather better than the other materials, and can be customized with its array of colors and textures. Vinyl can even be detailed with custom trim. Right now, over 32% of the U.S. is investing in vinyl exterior. The major benefits are high durability and low maintenance. Larry Eller Contractors can provide service in a variety of sizes and styles, making your home perfect for vinyl no matter the shape or size. Larry Eller is fully committed to making your home look its best and be safe to live in, all for a great price. It is just one call away to get your free estimate at (704) 572-0375, or from the Larry Eller website.