Monthly Archives: April 2016

Save time and money with Sapphire Bay

Your car`s condition is always being threatened due to the many dangers of road salt, acid rain, bird droppings and sun damage. All of these threats can be fixed by regular car washes. Take your car to Sapphire Bay today and see what difference a good car wash will do for you! Voted Best of Gaston 2016, Sapphire Bay Car Wash offers the best services and specials to choose to help clean and protect your vehicle.


Don’t have enough time to fit it in your day? Sapphire Car Wash gets you in and out in less than 3 minutes through their 132’ Express wash. When you are done with that, Sapphire Bay also offers a parking area for an optional FREE Vacuums and Self-Serve vending machines to make your cars` interior smell great and clean.



Cleaning your car`s interior is also important keeping away bacteria and other bugs and things that  can always accumulate on steering wheels and radio buttons people normally do not think about.

Don’t waste your time in your driveway with all the expensive cleaning equipment. Save time and money today and visit Sapphire Bay`s professional car wash in just a few minutes and feel good about your clean car. Call Sapphire Bay at 704-823-1336 or visit the Sapphire Bay`s Facebook Page to see what people are saying! Sapphire Bay is always offering Specials!

Satisfy that lunch Craving

cpHungry? Come by today for some amazing lunch! Lucky Samurai has the best Japanese food in the Gastonia area offering sushi, fried rice plates, low carb plates, soba noodles and more! Can’t decide? Mix and match your favorites in one of many meat and seafood choices to make that perfect plate you have been craving.


The Lucky Samurai in Gastonia is located in a prime location offering ease of use to most businesses in Gastonia offering a Japanese food drive thru so you can just pull right up, order and be on your way! Lucky Samurai of Gastonia is opened Monday through Sunday from 11:00am-9:30pm. Call and place your order to go at (704) 852-3949 Visit the Lucky Samurai Gastonia Japanese Cuisine Facebook Page and see what people are saying.