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From American Japanese to Uramaki Sushi

Lucky Samurai is the perfect place for anyone interested in any dish ranging from traditional to Americanized Japanese cuisine. The sushi chefs at Lucky Samurai specialize in Uramaki sushi. This is a style that was developed in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles back in the ‘70s by a sushi chef named Machita Ichiro at a restaurant called Tokyo Kaikan. Uramakizushi is the kind of sushi roll that has rice on the outside and a some combination of fish, vegetables, cheese or other delectable filling tucked inside of the rice and seaweed. Machita Ichiro noticed that Americans did not prefer the texture or taste of seaweed, so he decided to ‘hide’ it on the inside of the roll, thus Uramaki sushi was born. This style of sushi is also commonly referred to as an ‘inside out roll’ and is a staple in American sushi restaurants.  Many of the specialty inside out rolls from Lucky Samurai feature delicious sauces that are specifically paired to heighten the flavors of the sushi roll.

Some sushi restaurants can be intimidating for a first timer, but that is never the case at Lucky Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Seafood. Their menu caters both to those hoping for an authentic Japanese cuisine experience and for the beginner to Japanese cuisine. The widely varying menu features the traditional plates right off of the grill top and sushi and also has some amazing fried rice plates, combo meals and soba noodles. Lucky Samurai truly has everything, they’ve even featured some amazing low-carb plates for the dining patron that is watching their levels of carbohydrates in their diet. FInd signature dishes at this Japanese Steakhouse and Seafood restaurant that truly cannot be found duplicated at any other establishment. This restaurant is the perfect location for a first date, a family outing or a dinner with the in-laws; everyone will feel welcome and find something perfect on the menu when dining at Lucky Samurai in Gastonia, NC.

Hickory Pawn Knows How to Help

Hickory Pawn & Gun is a small business located in North Carolina that has been in operation since the late 80’s. This family owned and operated business has always put the customer first with a mission to provide respectful and comprehensive service whenever possible. There are a range of customers that may be interested in a pawn shop and the staff at Hickory is well equipped to help every single one of them. Between the entire staff is an amassed 70 years of relevant experience to the industry. This means that whether a customer is looking to use an item as collateral or acquire a new piece for their collection, the staff at Hickory Pawn & Gun will know exactly how to help.

Just like the title says this pawn shop has a bountiful offering of guns, optics and magazines available for sale. Their inventory includes both pre-owned and brand new firearms. Whether the interest is in handguns or long guns, Hickory will have what a customer is looking for because they are a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer. Aside from magazines, optics and guns this North Carolina pawn shop also has some beautiful jewelry, some power equipment, collectible coins and electronics. All of these items can be purchased in the store right off of the highway in the town of Hickory. For anyone outside of this area, check the website. Hickory Pawn & Guns has a comprehensive website that contains their stock and makes items available for online purchase. Their customer service even extends onto the internet.

CBM Precision Parts is Bessemer City’s premier engineering plant

CBM Precision Parts is Bessemer City’s premier Computer Numerical Control (CNC) maintenance, milling, fabrication and engineering plant. Starting from their humble beginnings on the 5,000 square foot North Carolina property in the 1980’s, CBM has expanded to a 200,000 square foot state of the art facility. With this technologically advanced space CBM can machine large parts that require 5-axis machining work. Their focus on providing the most excellent CNC machining in their area has led to enough machinery to service the largest of CNC milling machines while offering a host of other services. The superior quality of these jobs is partially due to the attention to quality in the diverse machinery used by the CBM team.

When it comes to turning, CBM is equipped with 6 various sized Engine Lathes capable of 3,4 and 5 axis geometries. Along with their 23 CNC Lathes the skilled machinists at CBM Precision Parts are 5-axis and live tooling capable. CBM also has 18 variously sized milling machines. They will manufacturing components of varying sizes for either production or piece parts ranging from the size of a coin to around 30’. While the core of the machinists are in the milling program at CBM, there are also 18 certified welders with Mig/Tig/Sub Arc capabilities, a plasma cutter, over 1000 ton brake press and metal rolling abilities. With this diverse set of tools they can complete almost any fabrication job whether it is designed by the skilled in-house engineers or by the customer. These are just a few of the services that CBM Precision Parts specializes in, they are truly there to help.

National League of Junior Cotillions Building Next Generation

For countless generations taking part in cotillions has been an amazing way to instill manners, grace and humility into the fine young women of the next generation. A new statistic states that 85% of success in one’s adult life is due to their social skills. With pop culture idolizing impolite, downright rude behavior; enrolling children in cotillion can ensure that they are equipped with the proper social skills to become a proper young adult. Along with learning manners, children are taught proper dance etiquette in refined society. Among other assets enrollment in a branch of the National League of Junior Cotillions will ensure that our young generation will grow up with kindness, respect and courtesy.

The National League of Junior Cotillions offers countless chapters in the Southeastern states but there are wonderful chapters spanning all the way to the West Coast. The grace and strength of the individual chapter directors is one of the prominent reasons that this prestigious League continues to grow exponentially across the United States. Pre-cotillion can begin as soon as Kindergarten age ranging up to high school students. There are Debutante Presentation Societies available through the National League of Junior Cotillions that present young women to their peers as intelligent, refined ladies at an amazing ball. Presentation societies will help to show the girls the value of volunteerism and patriotism in the modern world. The National League of Junior Cotillions is the best way to build a bright structure for the future generations. Cotillion is a wonderful tradition that can maintain a sense of civility in the constantly changing climate of America.

Specials at Sapphire Bay in Gastonia NC

The amazing Sapphire Bay Car Wash located in Gastonia, North Carolina is the place to go to get the exterior of a car cleaned in only minutes. The tropical ambience transports patrons to an island getaway while their car gets cleaned up. Turn a chore into a vacation. Any car’s exterior will come out of the 32’ car wash dry and squeaky clean due to the soft touch cloth, 12 blowers, Armor All Body Shield Arch, and tire shine applicator. In the parking area there are free vacuums and even self serve vending machines to make the car’s interior smell utterly fresh. Automated pay stations make starting the process of the most relaxing carwash absolutely simple.

A great part of this car wash is the regular specials. In November they slashed their prices $5 across the board. Anyone interested in a real wax should look into the Bay Waves Shine Special that combines Bay Waves Shine and Hot Wax Shine for a superior wax. Sapphire Bay offers gift cards so Express Car Wash enthusiasts can share the love with their friends, coworkers and family. Any purchase of a gift card more than $25 will receive an additional 20% of credit onto the gift card, an extra treat! Car wash gift cards make a great birthday, anniversary or holiday gifts, after all a clean car makes for a happy driver.

Ballard Roofing Offers Commercial Services

Ballard Roofing Inc. is proud to offer commercial roofing services with unlimited license in the state of North Carolina. Based out of the fine city of Hickory in North Carolina, their reliable and trustworthy company is fully insured with liability and workers compensation already in place. They happily offer a 30 year manufacturer warranty upon request to ensure that all clients feel at ease in their working relationship throughout the build. Ballard Roofing is an approved manufacturer’s applicator for Firestone, GAF, GEN-Flex, Tamco and Versico. The detail oriented foremen at Ballard can help with inspections, existing building upfits, roof replacement, new construction, sheet metal work, maintenance and leak repairs.

When it comes to superior inspections Ballard can be however detailed the building owner would like them to. They can provide evidence of damage from simple notes all the way to photographic evidence of their problem areas. This helps the owners work with the roofing team to find the best method for their roofing needs that can fit within the project’s estimated budget. For building upfits the company specializes in heater vent stacks, plumbing vents, flashing air conditioning curbs and other roof penetrations into the roof systems. Whatever the roofing needs may be, Ballard Roofing Inc. wants to find the most economical solution for their clients. They will work in conjunction with the general contractor with all full roofing builds to oversee quality and manufacturing materials. For any pleased patrons Ballard is always happy to provide estimates for new construction projects.

Neece Law Firm operates out of Gastonia, North Carolina

Neece Law Firm operates out of Gastonia, North Carolina under the talented attorney Michael Neece. After taking part in countless noteworthy cases all over the state of North Carolina, Michael Neece put down roots in Gastonia to further serve his community. The established law professional accomplished his undergrad at University of Virginia’s College at Wise and received his law degree at the Appalachian School of Law. He practiced as an Assistant District Attorney in Asheville, North Carolina for a year before moving to Gaston County to continue as an Assistant DA for 4 more years. He’s tried many jury trials to verdict and is a confident, respected and talented lawyer that anyone would want on their side.

Now at the Neece Law Firm, Michael has opened up his practice to help future clients in almost any situation where the law may get involved. Their mission is to supply those in need with a team of lawyers that is fully prepared and qualified to support and represent their clients. The Neece Law Firm is prepared to deal with misdemeanors, child support and custody battles, all class 6 felonies, murder in the first degree, traffic related offenses and even Department of Motor Vehicles proceedings. The Neece Law Firm is on a mission to provide legal assistance to those in need.