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Important Tree Pruning

 Tree pruning is an important part of your landscape because it helps trees mature and be healthy. Having healthy trees help minimize unexpected damage to the trees or anything below or around them to harm people, home or property.

Charlotte Tree Removal is the perfect company to help you with your tree/landscaping needs. Charlotte Tree Removal`s long time focus is to provide customers with a modern, professional approach to the health of their trees. Charlotte Tree Removal has serviced the Charlotte North Carolina area with commercial, residential and municipal properties with all tree care, tree removal, tree pruning and other landscaping needs for over three generations.


Don’t allow your trees to be at fault for a potential dangerous situation around your home or office.

Call Charlotte Tree Removal today at 704-598-6647 to request a free Tree Service estimate from Treescape, INC. 

North Carolina Manners and Etiquette


Give your children the tools to function and succeed as adults.




The National League of Junior Cotillions has the etiquette classes you need to make your kids be respectful, considerate and honest. Your child will learn, build and establish self-confidence and character to help set their behavior to function and succeed as adults. The classes that Junior Cotillion allows children to learn etiquette that will help them build manners and responsibility.


Give the National League of Junior Cotillion a call today or check out the National League of Junior Cotillion`s Facebook page and see the classes they have to offer to help your child.


Gastonia Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Gastonia Web Design is the “one stop shop” for everything you need for your online presence for your company or business. Both small and large, Gastonia Web Design has the most options to choose from to provide for both you and your budget. Web design is very important for your business as well as SEO,  allowing ease to customers finding you and your business online rather than your competitors first.


Providing Website Design, Logo Design, Domain names and Hosting, Website Maintenance, E-mail accounts, Content Management, Photography and Video and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Gastonia Web Design can provide you with anything on your list for your online presence.  Give them a call today at 704-854-4932

Tree Inspection

It is something most people do not think about that needs to be done. Trees should be inspected every three months by a professional arborist to monitor your trees health and safety.


Let Treescape Tree experts inspect your trees and prevent future harm from happening.

Treescape will detect any decay or rot in various stages, recognize compresses separation zones, determine annual ring width and growth, analyse annual rings, locate ring shakes, cracks and cavities, determine the degree of decay and evaluate the quality of wood.

Having your trees inspected by Treescape`s certified arborists will tell you whether your trees are in good health or decline and whether they are safe or not.

Servicing the Charlotte NC area and any satellite location across the southeastern US.  Give Treescape a call today at  704-598-6641 to learn more about tree services or to schedule a free estimate consultation.


Visit Treescape`s Facebook page.


Gastonia Cataract Surgeons

When protein clumps up, it clouds the lens in your eyes preventing you from seeing well and even blocks light from reaching your retina causing bad vision. Cataract Surgeons of Gastoneye Associates are prepared with the best experience and knowledge to provide patients with no stitch, no needle cataract surgery!



Diabetic Laser treatments, laser vision correction (LASIK or PRK), Visian ICL, Glaucoma Medical Laser Treatments, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery, Eye muscle surgery, in office operating room and laser suite, and Botox treatments are all apart of Gaston Eye`s amazing services offered. Cataract Surgeons of Gastoneye performs more modern cataract surgery then any other eye surgeon in Gastonia and the surrounding Piedmont region.

Be a part of some of the thousands of residents in the area that enjoy better vision and eye health thanks to the advanced services provided by Gaston Eye`s Cataract Surgeons. Call Gaston Eye at 704-853-EYES(3937) Check out the Gaston Eye Associates` Facebook page.