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Gaston Eye Overview: We Value Eyesight

Your eyesight is one of the most important gifts you have, but some people take it for granted, not taking proper care of their eyes and possibly even telling you that having perfect vision is overrated – and they’re wrong. At Gaston Eye Associates, however, we know how important it is to care properly for the precious gift that is eyesight, which is why our optometrists and ophthalmologists’ priority is to give excellent care to all of our patients, whether you want to order contact lenses or glasses or get eye surgery to restore your vision to the best condition possible for you particular case.

We have two locations in North Carolina – one in Gastonia and the other in Dallas – where our team is available to guide you and take care of all your eye-related needs.

Along with a number of surgical services, which include refractive eye surgery, Gaston Eye’s team of ophthalmologists can provide basic eye care as well as a 24-hour emergency service which can be invaluable at a time when your vision is at risk and quick-fire action is necessary to avoid suffering permanent and irreversible damage, such as when you suffer serious head or eye injuries or when your eyes get in contact with strong chemicals, which are usually dangerous.

Apart from basic, surgical and emergency eye care, we also have a warm and welcoming Optical Center at Gaston Eye Associates, where our experienced opticians can help you pick out the perfect eye glasses not only to enhance your eyesight and perfect your vision to its top level, but also to suit and enhance your features thanks to stylish, modern frames which are picked out just for you. We have over 1,500 frames in stock, and we also adopt all the latest innovations both in frames and lenses, so that you get the best possible product for your needs. We also offer several different eye glasses packages, with a number of add-on options so you can customize your glasses to fit your budget as well as your needs.

But if you’re a contact-lenses wearer or find that you’d rather be, we can also assist you at Gaston Eye. In fact, our optometrists have been trained to be able to help you choose and fit you with the perfect lenses for your needs, even in the most extreme cases. Additionally, we also offer color lenses, which are great for those who want and a different look, and we even offer the possibility of reordering your lenses on our website, once you’ve had your consultation and your data is in our system.

For more information on how to make an appointment with our optometrists and ophthalmologists in Gastonia or Dallas, North Carolina, all you need to is visit the appropriate page on our website or call the office directly – soon you’ll be seeing the world clearly again.

Elite and Deluxe Kitchen – Perfect Big Green Egg Tables in Charlotte, Shelby and Asheville!

Cooking with a Big Green Egg Grill is already a great experience, but it can become even better if the Green Egg is paired with an equally good table and cabinet, which makes ingredients and appliances more accessible and allows cooks to serve their grilled food right up.

There are two different DuraCraft® Big Green Egg Table and Big Green Egg Cabinet designs available, which are sure to make cooking and barbecuing with this incredible grill an even better experience, both in everyday situations and big holiday parties.

For those using the Big Green Egg in the larger size, we’ve created the DuraCraft® Deluxe Kitchen. This design features big and spacious conveniently placed cabinets, which can be gray or black, according to the customer’s selection, as well as a matching granite countertop, which is the perfect match both for the cabinets and the Big Green Egg. Aside from fitting the large grill perfectly, the countertop allows cooks to prep their food and plate it up on the spot and it’s quick to clean up afterward, so it will be easy to take care of daily as well as during big events.

To make this design even more convenient to work with and store – perhaps in the colder months when one is more likely to cook inside or forego the grill altogether – the Deluxe Kitchen Big Green Egg cabinet set is also offered with a number of optional features, including a trash can and an aluminum tray, as well as drawers, which cooks can store utensils and appliances in, and wheels, which allow it to be moved more easily.

The other Big Green Egg table design available is the Elite Kitchen, which also features several cabinets and a countertop, all of which are crafted from high-density polyethylene, a great quality, heat resistant material, and are available in gray and black as well. This model also features a dishwasher-safe cutting board, which is a great addition for those who like to prep their food on the spot or want to multi-task, perhaps by making a salad while keeping an eye on the food which is cooking on the grill.

Like the Deluxe Kitchen, the Elite Kitchen is meant to accommodate and complement a Big Green Egg Grill in the larger size to perfection, so it will surely enhance the already outstanding experience of cooking with a Big Green Egg.

Customizable, resistant and good-looking, the Deluxe Kitchen and Elite Kitchen are great choices for someone who is looking for a new Big Green Egg table and cabinet – in fact, they work as both, so they are as convenient as can be, and build with pride right here in Shelby N.C. (located between Charlotte and Asheville!)


For over 30 years, CBM Precision Parts Manufacturer has been an industry leader in precision machine parts and fabrication.  We are located in a 200,000 sq ft state of the art facility  on 65 acres. CBM is situated a mere 20 minutes from a major international airport, and three hours from “Port of Entry”.  You’re best choice for Charlotte NC Machining!

As one of the largest custom and diverse precision machine/fabrication shops in the southeast, CBM offers a full line of CNC machining/milling, gear cutting, welding and fabrication equipment. Our facility includes 22 over-head cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 100,000 lbs.

CBM’s Milling Department consist of 18 CNC Horizontal and Vertical Mills with a wide variety of capabilities.  This department is staffed with highly skilled machinists whose ultimate goal is quality and on-time delivery.

  • CBM’s Turning Department consist of 23 CNC Lathes of which many have live tooling that enables the operator to complete various parts in one machine!
  • For your largest turning needs CBM has a variety of Engine Lathes with the capability to machine up to 72 inches outside diameter by 40 feet long!
  • The Fabrication Department at CBM consists of numerous certified welders with Mig, Tig, and Sub ArcCapabilities.  To accompany these welding capabilities CBM has a 10 foot by 25 foot high definition plasma cutter, a one thousand twenty five ton brake press, and a metal roller.   CBM also has painting and sandblasting capabilities.

Every project at CBM begins and ends in the quality department!  CBM has recently invested in a Faro Laser Tracker and a Faro Edge ScanArm HD.  These powerful tools allow CBM to perform alignment, reverse engineering, part inspection, point cloud comparison, and 3D modeling.

CBM is ISO 9001: 2008 certified; we focus on providing quality machine parts designed to our customer’s specific tolerances. Our highly trained staff of engineers, machinist and fabrication specialist will ensure that our customer specifications and expectations are met and exceeded.

Allow us the opportunity to quote and be a problem solver for your company.


CBM Corporate Headquarters – located near Charlotte North Carolina 704.864.6084